Livestream Hosting platforms

Since we’ve started livestreaming in 2014, we’ve used the Church Online Platform as our front-end.
While it’s been successful, we wonder if there are other alternatives.

Is anyone using anything other than ChOP and facebook to livestream?

I’m looking specifically for the front-end, “hosting” applications.

I assume this post is due to their brief outage this morning? :slight_smile:

It’s a factor in it for sure.

We love the functionality and understand they’re also under a huge load when lots of folks are using it. We’ve only had 2 outages in the past several years, but they’ve both been within the last couple months. I certainly don’t want to seem like it’s sour grapes or that we’re unhappy with the FREE service they provide to so many churches. I just wondered if there are alternative that should be on our radar.

If anyone has a self hosted version, it’d be worth considering even as a backup.

We use

We’ve been using to feed YouTube but we’re transitioning to LivingAsOne which will send to YouTube and Facebook (beta) as well.

We use Stream Monkey. It has the functionality to send to Facebook Live, YouTube, and Vimeo or to have the feed hosted on your own website by embedding it on a webpage. We haven’t attempted to do multiple destinations (e.g. embedding on a web page on our own site and sending to Facebook Live) but I think it may be possible. They also have wonderful customer service (that actually helped us fix our stream this morning when some of our equipment went down) that respond promptly and are very well-informed. I don’t have pricing info because I’m IT and our AV ministry manages that account.

We are moving from to LivingAsOne and our first test was way successful. We have been on LivignAsOne for our streaming to our other campus and now will be using their web platform part too. We will still use as they have fixed the errors as you should have seen in the letter they sent out right after the last issue. They are on the ball and not worth moving from IMHO.