Live stream camera usage policy

Recently I was approached by a staff member who indicated that the AV folks in various parishes are now asking that cameras be set up facing the congregation during Mass, etc.

The question was raised about several things:

Should there be some kind of comprehensive policy related to gathering of images and collection of data for parishes? If so, what aspects should it include?

Should there be cameras in work areas? Recording a grieving family during funerals?

Do we need to publicly indicate that by attending any kind of event on our church property (particularly a Mass) that the person is giving permission to be recorded/streamed to others by the parish?

Do we need some kind of permission related to children (I know we have a policy for children in schools, etc.) in parish situations?

Do we need a policy addressing other issues of data collection, retention, use, distribution, etc.?

Thank you for any input regarding the questions above. If you have already created policies surrounding these, please share.

Marcus Madsen

Technology Director

Archdiocese of Baltimore

Desk: (410) 547-5539