Learning Management System Recommendations

Hello! I am looking into Learning Management Systems for our Equipping department. We are moving more of our classes online and have been using Google Classroom. Some teachers have expressed some limitations so we are looking into Learning Management System options. Any recommendations?

I’m not using a cloud based system but Moodle, which is an Open Source LMS. We have a Synology internal server (Linux based system) and it is a standard module on that. It is probably the most widely used of all LMS systems and in use by schools, colleges & universities across the world, so has an excellent pedigree and support structure.

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Awesome, thanks Russ. My concern is the time managing the system. How much time, investment is getting this setup and managing it?

What server options do you have?

I’m open, but the web master at my church is recommending Ubuntu LTS. What do you think?

That will do fine. As you have a webmaster, get him to install it and do any configuration for you. He can download the source code/installer from www.moodle.org. He should also be able to sort out for you any other server tools (standard web server bits) that it requires to run on top of.

Once you have it up and running, it is very simple to get running with. All the documentation for adding teacher, student, content is on the Moodle web site. You can also buy a book online about how to set up and run Moodle, so worth checking it out on Amazon.

We used LinkedIn Learning which was formerly Lynda. Have a lot of current content for Adobe and Microsoft products and many others. Our HR department is using it to assign learning paths especially during this time that some staff have no work. They do have non-profit pricing.