Large event planning software recommendations

I was cornered today by my events team and they wanted me to ask this group for suggestions.
They are looking for a software solution that would help them with two things:

  1. Visual facility logistical planning (where do tables/chairs/lines/etc go in the building during a large event. Think map of the facility with blocks on the map for tables, chairs, traffic flow, etc
  2. Behind the scenes schedule planning. Basically a schedule of service for everything but the service (when volunteers need to be in place, when tables and chairs need to be setup, etc)

These can be two separate software solutions or a single solution. If they integrate with Ministry Platform, even better.

I believe the standing recommendation for #1 has been for quite a while now. I’m not sure of anything that does all the behind the scenes stuff, but it does help with some of the logistics.

Ministry Platform itself should have some of that built in, at least the room setup part. I know CCB does. Also, check with MP to see what external systems integrate with it, PC might.

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were you not listening at MPUG?

talk to Cool Solutions and get a demo of eSpace and workflow manager

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We use EMS software, very powerful tool and very customizable. It’s not cheap, but, totally worth it

eSpace, plain and simple.

Just to be clear, they are looking at software to help them create the two items attached.

Yup, ems does all of that. They used our HVAV systems API to tie it all in.