Label Printers (other than Zebra) compatible with Zebra Media

We have replaced some of our old zebra printers (LP2824+) with ZD410 and we have had nothing but issues. They will power down randomly, and need reset constantly. I’m looking to add some other printers and wanted to know if anyone knew of other printers that would be compatible with Zebra media?

Thank you

The 410 is the slim model that prints sideways, right? If so, I’m unaware of any other printers that can use those labels.

The ‘standard’ 3x2 labels can be used in multiple zebra and godex models.

Yes you are right it is the 410 model, I ordered a newer zebra printer (gx420) it is a little more pricey but I am hoping to have better success with this one than the 410

The GX420 is a very solid printer. Sadly the labels from your 410 won’t work in that model, but we consider the GX420 to be our go-to printer for most checkin solutions due to its rock solid performance and longevity.

I’m curious: What checkin system are you using the 410 with? And how are you connecting the printer to your computing device? USB, bluetooth, bluetooth low energy?
I’m asking because we’ve seen some issues with the 410 model as well and I’m genuinely curious to know if your setup is the same as ours or different.

Actually the labels that we are using are 2.25x4.00. We are using MP as our check-in program. Our printers are networked and print into the classrooms (which I’m trying to disband that)

I have bought 3 of the the 410s and have had issues with power failures on each one.