Kiosk Software for Windows

We are setting up some check-in kiosks for Ministry Platform on Microsoft Surface tablets. The built-in windows kiosk mode is not cutting it. Do you all have any recommendations for an app that will turn the Surface into a locked down kiosk? I’ve found a couple but they are prohibitively expense. Thanks for your help.

Mark Wyse
Blackhawk Church
Madison, WI

What are you looking for feature wise? I’ve generally had good results just swapping the shell for whatever app is needed for the kiosk.

We need to run a webpage via Chrome and then print to DYMO label printers.
I know a lot can be done via GPO to lockdown the PC. I was just looking for
a simple to deploy and manage kiosk solution.

If you’ve got GPOs and they’re domain-attached, this is a bit of work but beautiful once it’s done. (We do this.) Things that we’ve done, and I recommend you do:

  • GPOs to prevent falling asleep when you don’t want them to
  • GPOs to manage Windows updates
  • batch file to mark Dymo as default printer, remove other printers, and launch Chrome in Kiosk mode to a specified URL
  • AutoHotKey script to disable keyboard combinations you don’t need

You might want to look at We use their software, and it locks the computer down perfectly.