Kids Checkin - Touchscreen computer suggestions

We are a Ministry Platform church and I’m needing to replace some ancient wall-mounted, touchscreen windows checkin machines. (In use with Zebra label printers) Any suggestions for reliable, well-priced touchscreen replacements?

We’re currently using the Dell S2240T Touchscreens. These are just monitors so if you’re using All-in-Ones you’ll need something else. :slight_smile:

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Kenny, are you using All-in-One PC’s currently or small form factor PC with a separate touchscreen?

You may look at the HP EliteOne 800G3 All-in-One or configure a Lenovo ThinkCentre All-in-One.

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Hey Andy,

We’re using all in ones. Thanks for the rec.

Good morning Kenny, you’re welcome.

We have Inspiron 20’s in use at 2 campuses with no issues. They are vesa mountable, which is why I keep using them. Currently have 10 in use, and I will be ordering 3 more for another campus soon.

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We are just now rolling out rock based checkin. Since all it requires is a web browser, we started deploying AOpen ChromeBase Minis

Cant speak to their reliability but they seem like pretty cool devices. And they are also managed from the google admin


Joe, can you provide a link to the vesa mounts that go with these? thanks for the info

Does anyone have an opinion on the HP EliteOne 800 All-in-one for a children’s check-in station?

Hi Kevin, we have 3 EliteOne 800 G3 we ordered about a month ago. It’s a bit early for me give an official opinion as we haven’t put them into production yet but plan to this week. I do like the screen size and the screen is matte which is nice. I can’t speak to reliability just yet either. We’re actually using them in our new Connection Center and not for check-in, but have considered using them for check in. We have many othre HP ProOne 400 G1 and G2 models. HP has replaced at least 6 or 7 touch screens on the ProOne 400 G1 models, and one of the ProOne 400 G2 models has screen issues now as well. I’m a bit concerned and will be watching the EliteOne G3’s closely.

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Kenny, We just deployed 10 Dell Inspiron 20 (3064)'s recently. For $520 you get an all-in-one, 20" touchscreen, i3 processor and 4GB of memory. We have been really happy with them so far. I usually stay clear of the Inspiron brand, but for this type of application they seem fine.

They have VESA connections as well.

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Tim, that’s a great price on those Dell Insprion 20". We too moved away from Dell because we had major issues with their warranty support. Does the $520 price tag include 3 year next business day onsite support? I like the HP’s because they do offer 3-year NBD onsite.

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