Keyless Door Access systems

Has anyone setup a contactless door system? What did you use?

Has anyone used Kisi?

Or Salto? SALTO Systems - Home - SALTO Systems

We have 5 locations with 8+ buildings with 100+ entry points that have locks.

Hey Tim! We installed Salto at our broadcast campus a few years back. It was a bit tricky to find a good integrator but at this point one of our facilities staff is a Salto trained tech so we can do most installation/maintenance ourselves. From my vantage point, it is a success but if you want to DM me I can connect you to our facilities manager. Good luck!

Our school has a Geovision system, not familiar with the others mentioned. Whatever you choose should be part of an overall security system plan, including cameras and door entry units. Our units have a camera built in, and the office can talk via intercom to the person at the door, and remote unlock. All employees have fobs to let themselves in. The beauty of a card/fob system is cards can be on a schedule, and be deactivated if lost or stolen.

Be sure to find a vendor with good support, preferably local.

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@nunnt We looked at Kisi, Brivo, but ended up going with Openpath and we love it. One of the reasons we went with OP is because it allowed us to use key fobs or an app on phones. There is another I’ll mention because they do cameras and user access control that is Verkada.