IT Ten Talks 2017

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Were the presentations ever made available for the IT Ten Talks from the 2017 seminar? There was some great reference material listed and it got a bit too rapid-fire for quality note taking.


(Ted Bass) #2

Just email Enable and you’d have 90% :wink: Especially that @MBSnick and @smithje3 work for Enable now.
@tlphipps @enable-elliott

(Don Surace) #3

Thanks Ted. Good call

(Nick B Nicholaou) #4

@smithje3 and I did joke that we work for Enable now because all but one of the previous Ten Talks were by them… it was a good gag!

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(Ted Bass) #5

I guess I put my wink the wrong spot to properly convey the inside joke.

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(Travis Phipps) #6

We posted all of our slide decks and helper files to the sched site for each session, including the Ten Talks.
You can find the Ten Talk stuff here (scroll to the bottom):

I don’t see Ed’s “20 things” presentation posted, but I’ll ask him about posting it because he had several things in there that our guys were excited about too.

And yes, we’re totally thrilled to have Nick and Jonathan as honorary Enable teammates! We love you guys!

(Don Surace) #7

Got ‘em. Thanks Travis. Great work on all the presentations! The “20 things” was a primary interest for me since it had all those helpful command lines that were impossible to write down in the time allotted.
Thanks again!

(Andy Baker) #8

Thanks Travis for posting and following up with Ed. I thought everyone who presented did a fantastic job!

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