Is there an app for the new forum?

Is there an app for the new forum? That wold be pretty helpful and would probably get more action on the site.

No, but if you use the Add to Home Screen option in iOS or on Android, it works very well in mobile browsers. On Android it basically acts like an app, and it’s not quite as nice on iOS but it’s quite usable.

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To further explain,

The Discourse team doesn’t have the staffing to build and maintain independent apps for each platform as the website itself was designed from the get go to run well on mobile. Rather than have 2-3 different disjointed interfaces with different development paces and trying to sync up notifications the Discourse project elected to have one unified interface across all platforms and takes advantage of new web platform features to more deeply integrate into devices as they come available.

Hopefully Apple will get moving on implementing the various web standards that allow the Android “Add to Homescreen” experience to be so good, because that’s definitely an advantage.

Well, I gotta eat some crow… There is in fact an official (but beta, requires invite) app if you really want one.