Is there a church organizational chart/hierarchy w/job descriptions?


I do not know if this is the correct spot to place this question but the only section I could find that made sense.

I am relatively new to serving in a church and we are a small church. I don’t know the in’s and out’s and how things should run or whats “normal” vs what isn’t. So I was wondering if you know of or have a church job organizational chart that I could look at to see how it fits for our church. Such the person who is in the media department is responsible for any flyers that we have for events, is that the media department or another department? what other job duties are tied to that position? Is it called a media department (if its 1 person is it just a media rep)?

For example, like this picture below but with jobs descriptions as well.

and job descriptoins like this link here:

I am curious how other churches are laid out/what is grouped where etc.

Are most positions in churches volunteer or are only certain ones paid?
(that isn’t important just more curious about how that works).

Any help is appreciated. My goal is to learn/glean from here and create an organizational chart for our church so I can have an overview (and others) of what job slots need to be filled and what is expected of that role/position and also a way to keep track of who is doing what/what they are responsible for. It would also show us where we need help in certain areas. We do not have anything of this sort currently and that is why I am looking to make one. If we did at all it would be outdated I believe.

Thank you in advance!