InTune is in the Azure Marketplace... Who Cares?

I was hoping to use InTune to do some management, as some of you may recall from my thread about management platforms. I thought, because it’s in the Azure console, I’d be able to use some of the 5K we get to purchase the licenses.

It seems that I should be able to license it, but that’s not the case. When I opened a ticket to ask why, the support guy said it’s a “Marketplace” item. Here’s his response, verbatim:

I apologize for the delay. As I stated previously. I reviewed your account and I see that you are under a sponsorship account. Marketplace items cannot be billed to offers using credits, please see more details here. Be aware, that Azure sponsorships do not have the ability to purchase marketplace items, the alternative would be to create a separate Pay-As-You-Go to purchase the marketplace items. Please let me know if you have any questions.

When pressed, he provided this link:

But if the issue is that anything in the Marketplace can’t be licensed, why can I stand up a Server 2016 VM, which is also in the Marketplace?

I can understand that it may not be possible, but I would rather know exactly why, not just some generic answer from Microsoft that makes no sense to me. If it’s in the Azure portal, why can’t I use my sponsorship to pay for it?

This may be more of a rant than anything, and I know that the sponsorships are fairly new so maybe you guys don’t know anything yet either. Regardless, do you think I should press the issue for a better answer, or should I just say, “It’s not going to work that way, who cares why?”

Sometimes I think I go after things too hard.

Bottom line is that the credit is essentially good for virtual machines, storage, backups, sql, etc. You’re seeing a marketplace item which is in turn creating standard Azure resources as the outcome. The other items are purchases outside the Azure framework. You also can’t use the credit to pay for o365 add-ons.

I ran into a similar issue when looking into the option of hosting our WordPress site on Azure. I was going to use the ClearDB MySQL option, but it informed me that my credits would not count towards it. I used the MySQL In App (preview) instead which is included in the Wordpress option.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the responses. I can understand the credit only being available for certain things but it feels like there’s little logic as to what can be purchased with credit and what cannot. I also understand why it can’t be used for O365 add-ons, they are completely different billing channels.

Maybe someday InTune will be available through the Azure subscription. $6 a machine through the O365 portal isn’t bad though, so I may just go that route.

Thanks again, guys! :grin: