Inexpensive Used KVM Switch Recommendation?

Hi Folks,

I’m looking for an affordable KVM switch. I don’t need anything fancy, I’ve been looking at old Belkin OmniView PRO2’s but figured it’d be worth asking if anyone else has a recommendation. I already picked up an old Belkin KVM. Any suggestions besides Belkin? I’m look for 8 or 16 ports.


I don’t know why, but my OmniView Pro3’s (16 port rack-mount) have all caused me problems. Usually with the keyboard being very non-responsive or slow, and sometimes the mouse and keyboard not being sent to the computer at all.

I think 90% of my issues began when we connected a Mac Mini to them, so perhaps there is some weird voltage difference, but even when we removed them we still can’t get a reliable connection. We’ve changed to moving a keyboard mouse & monitor between computers when needed. :frowning:

YMMV, and I’ve heard others say they love their OmniView KVMs.

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Thanks Chris! I’m thinking I’ll buy an OmniView b/c I haven’t found anything else that has a really positive reputation and come anywhere near on price…if it ends up being a dud, I won’t have spent much on the solution and can let it slide without too many tears. :slight_smile: