Indianapolis Local Meetup

After speaking with a few Indianapolis local area churches we realized that there was an interest in hosting local CITN meetups. Would anyone be interested in hosting this type of event in April?

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We would love to host it! We have a campus right off 465/37 just south of 465 that is.

Any idea how often and what days/times we are talking about?
I would suspect we could host a meetup as well!

We were thinking either monthly or quarterly but its open for discussion. We want this to be something that is community driven so everyone is able to make suggestions but a tentative date can be chosen and changes can be made as necessary.

Great! @jpearson88 why don’t you host the first one sometime in April? You can set the date that works best. @ronbeam maybe you can consider hosting the second one?

Sounds good! Lets do it after Easter as I’m sure we’ve all got plenty to do before then. Are we thinking an all day thing again or a half day or an evening? What does everyone want to do?

My understanding of past local meet-ups form a few years back is that they would typically last about 4 hours, however I wasn’t part of those, so I’m just passing on what I heard. I was thinking we could do 2-4 hours, with breakfast and some roundtable discussion, and discussion of future meet-ups. What do you guys think?

I that is roughly the format we used, and think that would be a good format. Maybe we could decide on topics for discussion at the next meeting as well.

I emailed our contact from Mirazon to see if they would want to sponsor breakfast and do a presentation on wifi since we just purchased and installed all new Ruckus R710’s throughout our buildings. I would like to go towards the very end of April / beginning of May due to current projects we’re working on. When I hear back from him we can set a date for the next event.

Great! @jpearson88 once a specific date is chosen lets try to send out a notification at least two weeks prior for planning purposes. Also we can send out a list of local churches as a start to get things rolling once a date is set in stone.

I just joined Church IT and am looking to connect with others in the Indianapolis area. Please let me know if and when an Indy Meetup is planned!

Welcome Ben! I’m sure we’ve all got our heads down, plowing through work these days. What days of the week would work for you all for a meetup?

We could look at hosting the first one - maybe in June and then perhaps rotate. Wednesdays and Thursdays work best for me.

Thursdays work better from me than Wednesdays

If people do not mind slumming downtown, we could probably be in the rotation for hosting. I would just need to nail down the day and time and have an idea as to how many people so I can reserve the right space.

We are just south of Fountain Square in an old (former) IPS school building.

Wednesdays and Thursdays are fine. Fridays are better. I still teach a couple middle school computer classes so I’m always juggling around the school calendar.

Sorry for the lack of response lately. We just migrated from Arena to Rock. We couldn’t be happier with the results and the power of Rock and the buy in from the staff. Let me reach out to the Mirazon Rep again and find out what dates on Wednesday/Thursday work best for him in the month of June. Maybe we can meet early June.

I haven’t really been in slack or the forums (or even twitter) much since the regional CITRT evening, and I just heard that @codatory will be starting a new position at Trader’s Point Christian School so I’m guessing lots has changed in the last few months… I’m thinking we need at least an Indianapolis-area lunch sometime soon :slight_smile:
And Wed-Fri is almost always better for me.

My church is also switching to Rock (from Logos) though I’m not involved at the moment–very well might be though, and I have a customer who is contemplating the switch as well. This is a busy month with a lot of projects but in a month or two we would probably be interested in sponsoring some food at a local meeting! We will be sad to see @codatory go to Trader’s Point but it sounds like he’s got some really good opportunities there!

We have a date available for us and a sponser (Mirazon) who is willing to provide breakfast and chat about wifi on Thursday July 20th. I will start working on getting this officially organized next week but we are looking forward to hosting anyone that can make it!

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How many would be available for the 20th?

We would love to get together with everyone!!

*We are thinking 9 until lunchtime?

The address for our main campus is:
1640 W. Stones Crossing Rd
Greenwood, IN 46143