Import song library out of OpenLP (.xml file) and into ProPresenter7

Our church upgraded to ProPresenter 7 and it is amazing! The only issue that I am having is building our pretty large song library back. We was using Song Show Plus before we upgraded to ProPresenter 7. Song Show Plus got to where it was really slow and it hogged up a lot of CPU. From everything I have read, others mentioned using OpenLP and said that I could export my song library out of Song Show Plus and import the library into OpenLP. I did that and it saves all of the songs as a separate file but it saves them as a .xml file. You can open those .xml files but its in some kind of weird format. Its obviously not usable as of this moment.
My question is this. Is there a way to take those .xml files that OpenLP uses to view the song lyrics and import them into ProPresenter 7…?
If someone can help me figure this out then that person would be saving me TONS of time because as of right now I am having to build new slides for each individual song as if I didn’t have a library at all,(even though I do, the library is not in a format that i can import into ProPresenter7 at this time because those files are .xml files) PLEASE HELP :smile:

you need this:

1: GitHub - danthedeckie/OpenLP-To-ProPresenter5-Converter: A small simple converter from OpenLP to ProPresenter5
2: OpenLP SQLdatabase (normaly under *C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\openlp\data\songs)
3: python 2.7 Python 2.7.0 Release |
4: any software to view and run (and a consol where you can see whats going on)

there is a readme file…look in to it.
couple things you must change are these lines:

in this line you need to delet the “song_number” (it dosent exist in the database from Openlp anymore)
line 276: cur.execute(‘SELECT id, title, ccli_number, song_number, search_title, copyright, comments, lyrics FROM songs’)

and the programm also dont like special character !?| and so on…and if he detect special character he will stop at this point.

it won’t be perfect, there are still a few songs to edit.