iCloud Photo Library sync issues

Having an iCloud Photo Library issue. iPhone 6, iPad Air and MBP on same Apple ID. Everything seemed to work fine until late September 2017. At that time, several things happened, but not sure which may have caused the issue:

  1. updated iPad to iOS 11
  2. decommissioned old MBP and replaced with new MBP (both on 10.12.6)
  3. updated iPhone to iOS 11

The Photo Library appears to be in sync between the iPad, MBP, and iCloud browser access. The iPhone has stopped syncing with the Photo Library as of late September. The iPhone does not upload new pics/videos to iCloud, nor does it receive changes from the other devices.

I’ve tried rebooting all devices, and on the iPhone, the Library says “Updated just now”, even after I’ve taken a new photo and allowed it time to upload. When I try to turn off Photo Library, it says “Your iCloud Photo Library is currently updating. To ensure all photos and videos are uploaded, allow the update to finish.” Choices are (1) Stop Updating and Turn Off, or (2) Continue Updating. Neither choice seems to make a difference. The new photos or deletions performed on the iPhone do not affect the Photo Library on iPad, MBP, or iCloud via browser.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

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