HVAC Control Systems

I’m looking for recommendations on HVAC control systems since our’s is now 14 years old and only runs on Windows XP! We are also having some support issues and weirdness. We currently have Johnson Controls which is highly customized for our facility. It has many roof top units and VAV boxes. I’d like to move to something that is easier to use and support but don’t know if that is an upgrade or a new system. Does anyone have experience making this transition? Do you have recommended installer? Thanks!

Hi Jeremy!
I recommend contacting Tim Cool at Cool Solutions; he’s the expert! And a solid brother in Christ.

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While you are making the transition, it might be worthwhile to look at integrating your calendar with HVAC. Instead of setting up schedules for HVAC and constantly modifying for this meeting or that event, when you put a meeting or event on the calendar, your HVAC turns on or off automatically.

We have saved a ton of money with this. If you are interested, ping me and I will connect you with our ops guy to point you to next steps.

Hey Jeremy!

I’m the IT Director, for Cool Solutions Group (Tim Cool’s company as mentioned above). We would love to sit down with you and hear more about what you’re looking for and how we can help.

Some quick links you can check out for info:

Tim Owens
IT Director
Cool Solutions Group

Thanks! I just filled out their contact form.

Sounds good Tim. Let’s talk next week. We have an old Johnson Controls system with a lot of RTU’s and VAV’s. 50,000+ sq. Ft building.

We use https://www.gofmx.com with Trane.

We use the solution from Cool Solutions and it is great. I highly recommend it. We have 100 stats on it spread out across our various campuses and it is easy to centrally control and manage.