How to Get Backup of Office365 Mailbox on Mac Local Drive

Can anyone tell how to download Backup of Office365 Mailbox on Mac Local Drive I am using MacBook Air 2018 please help me I don’t have any other method to do.

Does this help -

Purchase Office for Mac from Techsoup for $29 and sync Office365 Mailbox to Outlook on the Mac. You can then perform the export like Ben mentioned.

On the side note, there shouldn’t be a need to backup your mailbox on Office365 as Microsoft does all the backup for you automatically for business continuity. I remember watching a Microsoft video years ago where they explained that your data in Office365 is store at 3 different places at a minimum; one - which is the datacenter which you are connected to, two - on another server cluster inside the same datacenter and three - at another datacenter in the event of a disaster.