How Many IT Folks Do You Have On Staff...And What Is the Scope Of Responsibility?

(Dave Mackey) #41

Thanks. I’ll take updates any time!

(Dave Mackey) #42

Mark - I agree. I’m slowly working on building a more comprehensive survey that would provide better insights…as far as a larger audience, maybe a church IT conference would be a place to gather a larger response? :wink:

(Larry Scott) #43

1 - Tulsa, OK
2 - 5 campuses
3 - 7000
7 - 1, IT Director

(Mike Hazelwood) #44
  1. Upstate South Carolina (mostly in Greenville county)
  2. 9 campuses, 7 with permanent facilities Our main campus has 4 buildings and houses most of our employees on a daily basis.
  3. 7,500-8000
  4. 1 FT (Me as the IT director, planning on hiring PT soon)

We do have outside database support for our CHMS so I don’t have to do anything with that.
We have a Communications team that handles our website and AV team that handles worship areas.

(Optimus Prime) #45

I feel like my answers might tilt the averages a bit.

  1. Where is your church located (state is fine)?
    Apex, NC
  2. How many campuses do you have?
    1.5 (our other campus is just a weekend church with an attendance of about 10 per Sunday; there’s no services provided to the site, and I doubt it counts for the purposes of this survey)
  3. What is your current average weekly attendance?
    400 (yay, smallest to far)
  4. How many full-time IT staff do you have? What positions?

Our network is maintained by volunteers. Currently, there’s 3 main individuals involved, all are trustees. I manage Office 365, Azure, and most of the server/networking equipment on site. Another individual does most of the end user support, but he knows only enough to tackle common issues, so I get called a lot. The final guy does all the web stuff, including sermon uploads. We’re roping in a 4th for some project stuff, but he doesn’t actively support the network. Our annual IT budget is $3000, and I often feel like we’re in over our head.

(Matthew Dillon) #46

We are currently growing, but here is a snapshot of this point in time:

1 - Knoxville, TN
2 - 3 Campuses
3 - 3,500 average among all campuses
4 - 2 full time, 1 part time (IT Director, DB Admin, part time webdev

We will be adding an additional campus and additional IT Helpdesk staff member in 2018.