How does your church purchase music?

Hello, I don’t know if I put this topic in the correct section. My situation is I have a number of CDs that I am trying to digitize and I started ripping them to the PC but realized some of the songs skip because the CDs are old and then some CDs, Windows Media Player won’t rip to the PC (and I tried w/VLC too and it got the same issue of not ripping). Some songs on the CD would rip say it would rip 1-9 but songs 10-13 it wouldn’t rip at all. So the next best solution instead of trying to spend all this time ripping CDs to the PC and let alone not being able to get all the songs or realizing the songs skip/are bad because of how old the CD is I figured its best just to purchase digital copies of all of them.
That being said, I want to purchase the digital mp3 and NOT have it be cloud. We don’t do cloud-based products or internet-based products in our church really. So I need to make sure I have a physical copy of the songs for use and for backup. I was looking at Amazon Music and I see you can purchase a digital copy of a CD but I was curious if anyone else had any other programs they use to purchase music digitally. Once I replace the CDs with digital copies I plan on going through and purchasing some new music and making lyric videos w/new songs. It might be a little longer in the beginning but it beats doing power points and making sure someone can click through them. I am only going to do new songs we don’t have for lyric videos not any old stuff but old songs we have I need to make sure we have digital copies of that are good.

Any help is appreciated.