How does the IT/AV team in churches display lyrics for the congregation?

Hello everyone, I was curious how other churches create/display lyrics for the congregation. Please see a few questions below.

Do you guys use different software to create lyric videos or do you guys use power points and create videos or just only use PowerPoint?

What are different ways to get create and display slides to the congregation?

We are a small church w/no worship team and currently, we just have a few people that sing along to the song played (and they follow along with paper lyric sheets, we have no screen for them to view except the one big screen the congregation views). I don’t know how or where other churches get the songs to play (if there is no worship team) and or how they display them (power points? lyric videos?)?

Does one or a few people share the work in making power points or lyric music videos?

Any suggestions or help are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hello, our church has an acapella tradition, and when we started projecting songs (rather than relying on hymnals) many years ago, it was important to have a way to see both lyrics and music. Thus we get a lot of our slides from the “A View of Worship” site:
It’s not free, but has been worth it to us to pay the subscription fee. The slides are all in powerpoint format, and each week we assemble (via copy-paste) the songs for that sunday in a single powerpoint slide deck; one a/v team member is responsible for advancing slides during congregational singing.
Not sure if that’s helpful for your situation or not, but that’s what we do.

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@rash Thank you for the information and explanation of how you guys handle these things. I’ve never heard of that site so I checked it out. It is useful but unfortunately doesn’t fit our situation.

There are a lot of “worship software” products on the market. A major advantage of purpose-built software is that it maintains a song library, so once your library is built, assembling a particular Sunday’s set is just a matter of listing which songs you’re doing, and in what order. ProPresenter is probably the most popular and arguably most powerful. EasyWorship and MediaShout are simpler (but still good) alternatives.

We don’t actually use any of that ourselves; we use hymnals in the sanctuary and PowerPoint played through a program called PPT-NDI for our Livestream.

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While I don’t use this one directly, a friend of mine does at his church:

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