How do you track loaner IT Equipment?

For some time I have been wanting to implement a better way to track our loaner IT equipment. We currently have a few loaner iPads and about 6 loaner laptops, both Mac and Windows based.
We use Kayako as our helpdesk software, and Spiceworks for inventory. I was just curious as to what you guys are doing.
A couple of things I’m considering.

  1. Resource Calendar in Exchange
  2. Planner in 0365, (assign resource as task with due date)

We use Linux based SnipeIT. It is open source and does everything needed for inventory and tracking needs. It also has ability for people to request items. There is checkout date and expected checkin date.

They even have hosted solutions now. Check it out SnipeIT

Thanks James, I will give SnipeIT a look. I like that it’s open sourced too.

Pinelake has a ticketing system. We open a ticket when hardware is loaned out and put the approximate date it should be returned as the ticket’s due date. I currently have 3 things loaned out. As soon as that date rolls around, I will become the repo man.

Hello Rush,
Thanks for your response. We have been doing that as well but sometimes staff walks up without entering a ticket and we loan the equipment with the intention of entering a ticket on their behalf. Sometimes that doesn’t happen, (interruptions, etc).

Tech rentals are reserved via an online form (JotForm). Reservations are entered into a shared calendar so all employees have somewhere to check availability. Equipment is picked up from and returned to our switchboard operators who manage all aspects of the tech rental process. Tech includes, laptops, tablets, projectors, screens, extension cords, trip strips, video adapters, speakers, USB DVD drives, handheld DVD players, presentation mice, USB thumb drives, wireless keyboard and mice and web cams.

We have began using Asset Tiger as of last week.

Thanks K Papalia. I appreciate the response.

Thanks Roosevelt. I will look at Asset Tiger.

You can try . With you can download the inventory list to use in the P-Touch software to generate QR codes in your asset labels.

Thanks Norman, I will look into that.