How do you count attendance in the auditorium?

Does anyone have any sweet, high tech method for taking a head count in the auditorium? I have heard of some taking a high res photo or using some sort of infrared device. We basically do it the “old-fashioned” way, by counting open seats. Just looking for an alternative. Feel free to just announce how you count at your church. It would be interesting to know how others do it regardless.

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We do the high res picture. Still easier to do the old fashioned head count. I am using the Ruckus Wireless vSPoT solution. Counting wireless devices (they don’t need to connect to my wifi). Numbers are consistent with head count. Early service about 85% of head count. Prime time service 95%. After 12:45 pm service 115%. Leadership not bought in. They do with head count.

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Volunteers like having little tasks like this to make them feel like they’re part of something. So, I personally don’t see much value in automating. Give the ushers some little hand counters, but spring for the colored ones.


I can certainly see the validity of involving volunteers, but people
counting can be a distraction to the congregation, some don’t like you do
it and accuracy can be any issue at times. I too am interested in
automated solutions to this task.

How can you count devices if they do not connect to you WiFi?

We use two PTZ cameras that zoom to each section and then it takes picture for volunteers to count afterwards. At our regionals they just use several static cameras positioned on the catwalks.

I believe a tech solution to be overkill. I ushered for 13 years and we had a simple system to count while taking the offering, which we found reasonably accurate and not distracting.

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