Home Wi-FI AP Suggestions

I’ve been using an Aerohive AP230 free for the past 3 years I received from attending a webinar for them. That 3 years is almost up and I was wondering if anyone has used any Google Wi-fi AP’s and what your thoughts are?
I’m looking at those as a replacement for my home WI-FI- AP.

I’m also considering Ubiquiti Unifi (UAP-AC-PRO-US).
Anyone have any great home WI-FI AP recommendations?

I installed google wifi at my parents house and my dad loves it. They have 3 units with the main one hardwired and the others as extenders via wifi and a 200mb internet connection. When I ran tests he gets the full 200mb in every room and he is very happy with it. He does a ton of streaming.

I have 2 unifi AC Lite’s in my home and a 200mb internet connection and I get the full 200 anywhere in my home. You can’t go wrong with either solution.

Hey Brad. Thanks for your response. There isn’t much cost difference so either would work for me.

I need to make some changes again to my wireless as well. The biggest issue I have is that the wireless doesn’t penetrate the floors at my house well and it’s a 3 story house. Does the Google wi-fi support active handoff for better roaming? That is the problem I’ve had with the UAP’s that I’ve tried at my house, they don’t roam well and will stay connected to the one in the basement or the first floor when I’m on the third floor. I’m wondering if just getting a much more powerful AP/router on the middle floor will work. Anyone used the TP-link Archer c7? I’ve seen a lot of reviews saying it’s one of the best value routers you can get. http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-wi-fi-router/#upgrade-pick-netgear-r6400

Google Wifi and the rest of the mesh products usually have better handoff than standalone products. The Archer C7 is a good standalone router but it’s not going to cover a 3-story well unless you’re fine with a lot of dead spots. I have a friend that’s been pretty happy with the Aplifi product from UBNT as well.

For 2 years now, I’ve been using an old Ruckus 63xx AP (standalone firmwire) to handle wifi since my airport extreme wasn’t strong enough when we moved. Covers all 3 floors, garage, and just reaches down to our water front (130’).
I have an archer C7 for my racing club, and it’s pretty powerful. I did a quick test a while ago in my house and it reached everywhere in our home. I should really test it again and see if it can reach our water as well.
I also have a buddy who put in a netgear orbi mesh system and loves it.

Is it a 7363? I’ve got one of those I might try. I forgot you could run them in standalone mode. The other problem is I’ve got so many neighbors using the latest AC routers which just seem to kill an N band wireless.

Decided to try out the 7363 I had in a bin in my car. So far I am really impressed! It covers my entire house with 5 Ghz and speeds are better upstairs than with the Linksys AC router I had! I’ll have to do more testing tonight. I totally forgot that they could operate as standalone.

Mine’s actually a 7962 after looking, but same diff … standalone firmware for the win :slight_smile:

Hey Jason, thanks. That’s good to know the older Ruckus can be used in stand-alone mode and work well in a home environment.
I’ll look into that as well.