Helpdesk Software recommendations

Hey everyone,

Our Information Services Department is possibly looking into getting new Help Desk software. A few reasons why we are considering changing providers for the following reasons:

  • We are encouraging users to use Teams as the go-to for communication needs. We converted to Microsoft Teams phone and would like to see a help desk option that has that option. We would like to find a seamless way for users to submit tickets through a chatbot and get responses from a chatbot as well. Without the need to check their e-mail.

  • We have a large asset inventory and having an Asset manager separate from our help desk is hard to track repeated issues (and offenders for damages). We currently use Asset Tiger and honestly coming from my old place of work and is significantly better than the previous system that I used (GLPI)

Our current systems that we use do have that option but the problem is that it is a significant price hike for asset management in one place than two different systems. The current systems that we use are freshservice, and Asset tiger. Again we are pleased with the systems that we have implemented but currently, we are looking into possible other systems as well and in the future replacing our current systems.

I looked into several systems already however most of them are costly or do not have all of the features we are looking for. The ones I have checked out so far are Helpscout, Vivantio, Tikit, and Cayzu. Are there any other suggestions that you would recommend? It would also be a plus if it had an option for non-profit plan-based pricing as well. Our department has also looked into Spiceworks, and SysAid but neither meets our budget needs or system integration needs. Thank you all for your recommendations and I look forward to seeing what suggestions you all have! God Bless!

Hello, I was going to recommend Spiceworks but once I saw you guys already looked at that I figured I’d suggest PRTG. Don’t know if this would work for your needs but wanted to mention it. Also check out a site called Techsoup, all kinds of software for non-profits.