Help with historical ACS Finance data when moving to new system

Hoping someone else has dealt with this before. We are finishing moving from ACS Financials (OnDemand) to Intacct. We are only importing 3 years of historical data to Intacct due to the cost associated with converting the data.

Originally we had hoped to move our ACS Financial OnDemand database back to a local server to keep for historical access to another 7+ years of data. However, ACS no longer sells the Desktop product (as of 2019). We can keep the OnDemand product, but the lowest cost option would be $600/mo.

We can get a CSV export of all our data. Any insights on a low cost option to “easily” import this data to a product that would allow our Accounting team to look up historical data?

Are you unable to download the latest install of on-prem ACS to install?

No, thats the issue. ACS says the on-prem installer is no longer available as of 2019.

I can download the software still, but we have kept our ACS on prem active for many years. We are now on Rock but we still use ACS Financials. Glad we never went to OnDemand.

Hi Tim, were you able to figure out a solution for this? We are still on ACS OnDemand financials and I am hoping next year to switch to another accounting package as we are moving to MP later this year. Having the historical data would be helpful…