Help with a one question poll for an article I am writing

Working on a future article for Church Technology Today. Looking for some input for the following question…

If someone gave you a ‘blank check’ to purchase technology to improve the effectiveness of the teaching in your Sunday venue, what are the top few items you would spend it on?

Thanks for the help!

Fredric Gluck

Getting all the teaching staff proficient in Logos. Maybe it’s my MDiv side coming through, but good exegetes make for effective teachers.

  1. Use Microsoft Teams with OneNote for classrooms (OneNote | Note-Taking App | Microsoft Education)
  2. Use Microsoft Surface Hub 2 (
  3. Use Meraki Wifi with 1 Gbps Internet Bandwidth
  4. Introduce Hololens (2nd generation) to allow bible students to experience virtual experiences of Bible stories and virtual preaching and virtual church experiences from anywhere. You can record a sermon in 3D; imagine capturing Billy Graham in 3D.
  5. Use Microsoft Research RoomAlive technology to “teleport” students into the bible stories. Also allow interactive story telling. (Microsoft’s ‘RoomAlive’ transforms any room into a giant Xbox game - The Verge)

The first thing I would purchase is Air Tame for all our TVs, so that anyone with any device to present on our TVS.

Another follow up idea on Hololens: Imagine when you open the bible wearing the Hololens and the characters in the bible come alive as you flip the pages. Imagine a “minority report” like experience as you do your bible study allowing you to do all the cross referencing, greek and hebrew, commentaries, bible version comparisons etc holographically infront of you. Imagine a hologram AI teacher that can help you better understand the bible and allow you to ask all the questions you want.

:point_up_2: I just started working on a MA in Ministry. I am learning to use Logos in Interpreting the OT right now, and it is pretty great.