Having Word 365 default to the "Open" tab rather than the "Home" tab on launch

Hey All,

This seems like it should be really easy to accomplish but the solution is escaping me. I have an end user that wants to go right to the “Open” tab in Word 365 (installed locally) launching the app. Is there a setting some where to accomplish this. I even tried to look for switches that I could add to the shortcut target, but I couldn’t figure out the right one. Any suggestions?

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Steve McHugh

Which SKU are you using? Office Premium or ProPlus (either stanalone or by one of the E SKUs)?

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus

In Options–>Start up options, uncheck the box labeled “Show the start screen when this application starts”

I tried that, but it takes me to a new blank document. I want the start screen to show, but it to default to the “open” tab. Is that possible?

I don’t think so.
And this here to make it 20 characters or more.

Well…darn it. Thanks y’all for looking into this.

I appreciate your time.