Guest Background Check System

Our church is starting a major building project and is hoping to be able to quickly (under 1 minute) background check architects, contractors, painters, etc. before they enter the main campus. Does anyone know of a system that can provide this kind of service?

Several organizations we work with use solutions like School Gate Guardian to check for sex offenders but this isn’t broad enough for what we’re looking for. Something like a card reader that can process driver’s licenses or quick entry form for the reception desk to use would be great.

Thanks in advance!

We used hallpass at the school I was just at. I don’t know that you’ll find something that quick and cheap that can do full background checks.

Take a look at Raptor.

Here are some options…
My company used Goodhire on me.

We use Accufax and costs about $25 per request. Average 2-3 Day turnaround.

There were some good responses in Slack as well (look quick before it rolls out of history).