GSuite Non-Profit + Vault?

(Neil Charlet) #1

Hey folks,
Wondering if there is anyone out there that is using the GSuite non-profit edition and have added on the “Vault” capability for your users. (

(Isaac Johnson) #2

I have one church using GSuite “business” tier specifically for Vault. Here in Singapore, they only give nonprofits the $5 “basic” tier as a donation. If you need to use vault, then you need to pay the full $10 per user per month for the “business” tier. Not sure if that is the case or not for you guys in the USA. Anyhow, Vault does what it’s supposed to, you can run e-discovery searches on email and files stored via Google drive. That being said, that client will be migrating over to O365 for 2019 because it makes more sense to use donation O365 E1 licenses and its e-discovery.

(Paul Tedder) #3

Neil, we are using the non-profit/Education version of G-Suite and are also using Vault. In several years of having it, I have used Vault maybe 2 times. It has been extremely helpful when I’ve needed it, though.
I do think we originally paid a nominal fee for it, but in recent years, we have not. Not sure how we pulled that off :slight_smile:

(Joe McCarty) #4

We are using the nonprofit edition of G-Suite with Vault added on. We pay $10/user/year for it. I use it frequently and would be happy to answer any questions you have about it.

(Joe McCarty) #5

Google is really bad on their billing. Don’t be surprised if you get a bill for the past couple of years that you haven’t paid.

(Paul Tedder) #6

Joe, that’s funny, I’d say the same thing for Microsoft! Actually, I’m not
concerned about it, because we used to pay the $10 a year, however a couple
years back Vault was added as a free product for us in our environment. I
actually remember it quite well, because I didn’t believe it at first.
What may make us different from your Non-Profit account is that we were
originally set up as an Education customer and Vault is free for G-Suite
for Education. It may also be free for Non-Profits, but I can’t find
anything online about it.

(Neil Charlet) #7

Indeed, it is free for EDU…but not for non-profits. It’s still $10/user per year.

(Joe McCarty) #8

Ah yes, Education is different than the non-profit version.