Group Texting to Service Teams

We have a need for one of our service teams where the leader of the team wants to be able to send a message to the other members of his team (primarily on a Sunday Morning) and have them receive it via text. He is not looking for the ability for them to reply (although i am sure that will come up as they start to use it.)

I am sure there is probably a good technology solution for this and I am sure many of you have already solved this issue in your churches. What technology/process do you use at your church to solve these kinds of issues. We do want them to receive a text and not use another app or tool to get the message.


We use GroupMe. You can use it as a group texting service, or you can use the app for a better experience. We use this in many ministry areas on the weekend from IT support, campus streaming support, check-in support, etc.


If you love writing your own code, twilio would be a great solution.

1 Like is another option that is pretty neat, a lot like GroupMe.

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I still haven’t found one I love yet.

watching this thread…

We have a lot of teams that use GroupMe.

We don’t see the value in writing and supporting something you can get for free, that works wells.

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+1 for GroupMe. Easy to set up, and works over SMS as well as native app. We use it for in-service communication for worship team and production team.

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How about Twitter? It is known for other uses, but it is a powerful tool for group collaboration and can be private.

Twitter is pretty good for an announcement type system, but it would be a bit unwieldy to use for private two-way communication.

Telegram’s great if everyone will use an app though :wink:


Some ChMS would have texting built in, works with groups.

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We use Affordable and stable.

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I use GroupMe for things ouside of the church realm. We use Call-Em-All for Church related texting.

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We use Twilio. They offer non-profit pricing (credits to get started, then discounted rates after that). I’m a developer, so I was familiar with Twilio and was planning to develop our own system, but we switched to a ChMS (Elvanto) which integrates with Twilio out of the box.