GPWJ Dell 1.8TB 10000RPM Hard Drive

Hey, I am looking for KGPWJ Dell 1.8TB 10000RPM Hard Drive in quantity, but I cannot find a reliable supplier though. I would truly appreciate it if you could suggest me some sort supplier from where I can get them.

I don’t know what you mean by quantity. If your talking low-to-mid dozens - Server Supply is usually a good partner. Call them up.

If your talking more than mid-dozens - call up dell directly and get an assigned person, register the deal, etc.

Once you get past 25~30k$ (which you’ll hit quick with 10k spindles and many dozens) - you’ll find they offer good discounts and terms on parts, just like when buying systems.

Note - 1.8TB / 10k RPM spindles are an interesting case. Before I bought a bunch of them I’d look at what my use case was. The 8TB SAS-SSD’s are often close-ish in cost, while giving you >5x the density.

Thanks for your valuable suggestion Karl, I truly appreciate it. I actually manage to find a supplier known as Crisp Tech LLC. Actually an acquaintance of mine suggested them to me, as they got some stuff for their office from them, and they also had a good stock refurbished KGPWJ | Dell 1.8TB 10000RPM hard Drives available at their disposal, and I found their prices to be quite attractive. I am sharing them with you. If you think their prices are not okay, or something like that kindly let me know.