Google Photos as an organization's repository of archived pictures?

I was noticing we have a ton of old pictures on our network. For my personal use, I’ve been really appreciating Google Photos with its unlimited storage, albums, and face grouping. So, I’ve been curious if it would be a good way to go for all these church pictures. It could be helpful for identifying people in the older pictures. But, then how is the best way to share them with all staff? We could create a bunch of shared albums. But, I’d also like to be able to share the identified faces. Would it be worth putting all these under a new account created just for photos and then share that login with whoever wants to use them? Or maybe there’s a better tool altogether. But, this is, well, free.
Thoughts? Input?

Erik, this seems like a great idea, we may even give it a try. Though I think I would go with making one single shared folder for all church pictures, that way you can share access to it to individuals and their own credentials. If you need to remove access, you then have control over that. You could organize pictures with words in the file name for searching later.
Yes there are other services out there, but like you said it’s really hard to beat Google’s face detection AI and search-ability.

You can still share your photos using Google Drive. Just create one folder for your photos and upload it on Google Drive and then just share that link with your friends and family.
Why need to create one more tool? It doesn’t make sense.

@Lewis-H, a couple of the useful features of Google Photos are the face recognition and being able to view all photos in a timeline. It makes it easy to search back-in-time to particular events, or pull up multiple photos of one individual. I haven’t seen that functionality in Google Drive itself.