Google Apps Help?

(Jason Lee) #1

Looking for someone to help with a google apps question.

The and domains are setup with Google Apps email accounts for managing the conference in the fall…

We’d like for the second domain to be the primary for sending and receiving email but it does the fun “on behalf of” vs sending as the domain.

Anyone more familiar with Gapps that can help me get this fixed?

(Matt Rider) #2

I think im familiar enough to help. let me see what I can find out from our setup tomorrow
I have a semi similar setup

(Will Polley) #3

Google really suggests to not change the primary domain.

If you click yes I’m sure I want to do that enough, they tell you to use the API.

Have you tried creating aliases with the secondary domain? Is that when send on behalf of comes into play?

(Jason Lee) #4

Right @willpolley i’m not looking to change the primary. We’ve added the newer domain ( as a domain alias which everyone can GET email with… but when you send from one of those accounts even making the new domain primary in the account it does the send on behalf of.

When i’m contacting partners to coordinate for the national conference i prefer to use my Church IT Network email address vs my church email. And i’d prefer that the domain be our current one not

any help is appreciated.

(Will Polley) #5

Apparently, Google enabled changing primary domains from the Admin Console.

(Jason Powell) #6

Sweet! Nice find Mr. Polley!

(Jason Lee) #7

can’t do the step that says “Click Make Primary to the right of the domain name” because there is no such button :frowning:

(Tyler Turner) #8

Have you tried to rename the email account and tell it to use the new domain? This will automatically create an alias for the old email address domain.

(Joshua Briscoe) #9

Is your new domain set up as an alias or a full-fledged domain? If it is an alias, you may have to delete it, and then re-create it.