GiftShop & Cafe Point of Sale Software/Hardware

We have been using Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale for years for our Giftshop. Intuit advises that they will soon stop processing their own transactions later this year. So, we are looking for alternative solutions. We’ve looked at Square, Lightspeed and Shopify, however I wanted to reach out to see what is recommended by the group. Additionally, we will soon have need of a point of sale device for a little Café that will reside in a new building currently under construction.

Any advice would be helpful.

We’ve been using Square for a couple of years now with both our Cafe and Bookstore (as well as our multiple Awana stores). We love it. We’ve integrated a KDS system for the cafe as well as two kiosk ordering stations and online ordering. We had previously been using Revel which was ridiculously expensive in comparison, and before that counterpoint. If you want to hit me up to discuss more on our experience and what we’ve done in setup, let me know.