Getting rid of an invisible re-occurring calendar event from a deleted AD user

If this has been discussed before, please point me in the right direction.

I had an end user who had an event reminder pop up on their calendar. The event was created by a user who is no longer employed here at Northwoods and their AD (and exchange) account is completely deleted. The weird thing about this is, on the day of the event, it doesn’t actually show up visually on the end user’s calendar. There’s nothing to click on to “delete series”, but it reminds her anyway. I checked for other calendars and data files but nothing shows up.

She told me that last year it did the same thing, but she dismissed it and forgot to tell us about it. When she got it again, she thought we should know. Anyone run across something like this?


There is a tool out there called MFCMAPI - try using it to see if you can find the event. There is a lot of help out there about using the tool so I won’t try to go into it here.