Geo Fencing and Mobile Check In

Does anyone use geofencing for mobile app notifications or with child check in processes? We’re renovating our children’s space and talking about registration traffic flow solutions. Wondered if there were mobile options that could supplement touchscreen workstations and provide additional communication mechanisms.

Ben, I really like the way you are thinking and planning. What church management software do you use? Some offer this as a feature now.

We’re in the process of converting from Shelby v5 to Arena. I have not been involved with the conversion much (besides supporting the hardware) but am starting to sit in on planning meetings for where to place that hardware.

If I could check in through my mobile device while walking into the building from the car and the sticker be waiting on me - that would be amazing :grin:

We use Arena, but we have not implemented check in. So I’m not sure if there is a solution for Arena or not. If you have not yet, I highly recommend joining the arena community on the Shelby systems website. Great folks in there would be able to give you a better idea than I can about Arena’s capabilities in this area. Keep innovating!