Front Porch attached to CHMS


Is anyone using Front Proch connected with their CHMS? We would be interested in this.

Hi Jason - we’re currently in the trial phase. I would reach out to them and have em help you get it connected to try. We are on Rock and it plugged in pretty easy.

I know that Ministry Platform is working on or has completed the integration with Front porch.

We’ve started discussions around what problems FP would solve and if its a right fit for us.

We use FrontPorch in a limited fashion integrated with RockRMS and are in the final stages of turning it on for all Guest WiFi. I believe currently it has integrations with Ministry Platform and Rock RMS (we use Rock RMS). What would you like to know?

Hi Shawn,

Have you found your integration to be helpful? What have you gained from using it? Did you do anything to give your congregation a heads up?

Sorry for the late reply. We have seen good ‘interaction’ data, so that we know when devices are onsite (and we can correlate that with people). We are in the final testing stages currently. Once that is done we will start rolling it out, and will be communicating that we are doing it, etc starting with key volunteers, and rolling the communication to wider audiences from there. My boss, our executive pastor is handling that part. There will be some public communication along with an updated privacy policy

In terms of plans we have for the device interactions:

  • Automatic ‘weekend service’ attendance based on when they were present and for how long (using a rock workflow). From there we will be able to equip our pastors using the different data points as they work to follow up with people when aren’t well connected to the church
  • Understanding if someone is “connected” to the church via WiFi but not attending a service (we have sports, an indoor playground, etc that include people not connected via a weekend service)