Front Porch attached to CHMS

(Jason Johnston) #1


Is anyone using Front Proch connected with their CHMS? We would be interested in this.

(Joe Jarvis) #2

Hi Jason - we’re currently in the trial phase. I would reach out to them and have em help you get it connected to try. We are on Rock and it plugged in pretty easy.

(Jason Lee) #3

I know that Ministry Platform is working on or has completed the integration with Front porch.

We’ve started discussions around what problems FP would solve and if its a right fit for us.

(Shawn Ross) #4

We use FrontPorch in a limited fashion integrated with RockRMS and are in the final stages of turning it on for all Guest WiFi. I believe currently it has integrations with Ministry Platform and Rock RMS (we use Rock RMS). What would you like to know?

(Jason Johnston) #5

Hi Shawn,

Have you found your integration to be helpful? What have you gained from using it? Did you do anything to give your congregation a heads up?