Free Unifi Aircam Gen 1 Cameras

Hi everyone,

We are offering up nine Unifi Aircam Gen 1 cameras for free. Please note the cameras will require 24v 0.5A POE which does not come with the cameras so you will need to purchase a solution for that. We are also asking you to cover the shipping cost (which shouldn’t be a lot).

If you are at a church who does not currently have cameras now, this would be great for you. I would be happy to talk with you about what you need to do to make them work (it’s pretty simple). Or if you currently have Aircam Gen1 hardware now, these would work well for you too.

Here is a link to the camera info. Feel free to contact me for additional info if needed.


Hey Wade,

I’m sure the church I volunteer at (Living Hope Piperton, TN) and where my wife is the Office Manager are in need of a solution. I’ll confirm with them if they are interested and post back.

If Alex doesn’t want them, I will take them.

Hi Giles,

I received a few messages about them so I’ll work through them in the order I received them.


Thanks Wade

Not a problem at all.