Free* Lync // S4B Polycom CX600 CX500 Phones

We have several dozen CX600 Polycom Phones which are compatible with Lync and Skype For Business up for grabs. We also have a few CX500s.

They are free, however, you will be required to pay shipping. The minimum quantity that will be shipped is 10.

If you’re in our area (Anderson, SC), you can pick up as many as your heart desires.


Hey Will,
We would definitely be interested. We’re getting ready to implement Skype for Business. Maybe I should ask you why you’re moving away from it and what are you moving to? Let me know how we can connect on shipping the phones. We’re setting ours up from scratch so we have a need for as many as you can offer.

Hey Will. We would also be interested. I sent you a message directly also.


@desser and @johnh my director @jonathan.evans will be reaching out to y’all for numbers of phones and shipping info.

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