Finder "Shared" sidebar

(Larry Scott) #1

Is it possible to force Windows server shares to show up in the Finder “shared” sidebar. I have Nomad installed and It will show up after I do the “Go | connect to server” but I would like the server to be on parity with Mac shares and just show up if possible.

(Will Polley) #2

If you’re using nomad, you should check out the shares plist option.

(Larry Scott) #3

You may have to give me a little more detail

(Will Polley) #4

This preference file will add a menu item with a list of shares available for users of certain groups.

(Nick B Nicholaou) #5

We accomplish that with one of two solutions: 1), a simple Apple script to mount volumes at login (download one you can edit from our network using this link: - look for the file ‘Mac’), or 2) Owncloud to have the files on the local drive. In either case, a simple Finder alias in the sidebar does the trick.

Let me know if we can help further,