Finder "Shared" sidebar

Is it possible to force Windows server shares to show up in the Finder “shared” sidebar. I have Nomad installed and It will show up after I do the “Go | connect to server” but I would like the server to be on parity with Mac shares and just show up if possible.

If you’re using nomad, you should check out the shares plist option.

You may have to give me a little more detail

This preference file will add a menu item with a list of shares available for users of certain groups.

We accomplish that with one of two solutions: 1), a simple Apple script to mount volumes at login (download one you can edit from our network using this link: - look for the file ‘Mac’), or 2) Owncloud to have the files on the local drive. In either case, a simple Finder alias in the sidebar does the trick.

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