Fiber link stopped working

I have 2 data centers in our church, they are about 200 ft apart linked via Fiber optic cable. I replaced the switches in one of the DCs. When i plugged the fiber cable into the new switch the fiber optic link went dead. So the two DCs weren’t linked anymore. I power cycled all the switches but to no avail. i plugged the cable into the old switches but that didn’t work either. The fiber cable terminates into a Seimen box in each DC. I doesn’t look like there’s any power source on them that could be cycled. I have redundant fiber cables between the two DCs and neither seem to be working.

You didn’t swap the pairs did you?

Sorry, Pairs? Not sure what you mean

I checked and i didn’t swap the Fiber ports. they are both on the same one.

Transmit on one end connected to receive on the other end?

There are several things to check.
1/ are the wavelengths specs of each end the same?
2/ have you cleaned the ends of the optical connectors before reconnecting? (a small spec of dust on the connector is enough to stop them working)
3/ are the switches the same make? (some switch manufacturers have proprietary stuff on the optical ports, which stop them working with other manufacturers)
Post the details of each optical device on the group and we can help you better.

thank you. a little embarrassing. i had a colleague try it and apparently the cables weren’t seated correctly.

Glad it was an easy fix. A fresh set of eyes helps quite often when your in that zone of “it broke and i dont know why”

Sometimes for me fiber is like a usb port. It doesn’t go in and work the right way until the third time.

Glad to help. Sometimes we overlook the obvious.