Fiber ISP Provider

We’re currently using Spectrum Business for our non-fiber internet connection. It’s generally worked ok, but we’re seeing more and more intermittent issues with spectrum in our region.

We’re not super data heavy, but we do live stream on sundays plus have 20-30 computers online at a time plus Apple TVs and do large file uploads.

I’m looking for a symmetric fiber connection that will handle all of the above plus voip when we roll that out.

Which providers are you all using that you would recommend? Are you getting an SLA?

I’m looking at AT&T’s business fiber with a symmetric connection, but the speeds don’t seem to be guaranteed and there is no SLA. I don’t really want to switch from one problem to another. Is anyone using AT&T’s business fiber? If so, what has been your experience with it?


Sounds like you are looking at AT&T’s small business fiber. If you want an SLA that’s Enterprise fiber. Totally different sales teams and products. You might find it helpful to work with a broker to make sure you get the best pricing, but just beware it’s going to be significantly more expensive than what your used to on the small business products. Alternatively you could layer an SD-WAN product over two independent small business ISPs and get something pretty close to a fiber circuit in terms of reliability.

Steve, Forgive the commercial. My name is Ted Strong and I am the VP of Sales for CloudNet Group. We provide Hosted VoIP services and can bundle in fiber connectivity as a single product offering. We also have a cost effective SD-WAN solution. Are you going to be at the conference next week? I will be there in booth 32 and would be pleased to meet you. My offices are in Knoxville TN but I am in Raleigh area 1-2 times per month for customer meetings. If you would like to speak to me directly, my # is 865-409-2446 or

You should check out the CITN partner Lynde Consulting.

They are very good at finding and negotiating connectivity.