(jenn booth) #1

Does anyone have any experience with the new product from Fellowship One called GO? Anyone using it? Positive or Negative Experiences? It seems user friendly for congregant and staff, which is our primary concern, over feature-rich products that have anything and everything we could ever want.

(Kevin Brunson) #2

It looks to be the same product as ShelbyNext, SimpleChurchCRM, etc. So anyone running any of those apps should be able to give you their feedback.

(jenn booth) #3

Yes, it does mirror those products. Also Ekklesia 360.

(David Coons) #4

I believe that Ministry Brands is consolidating platforms, which has been speculated for awhile.

(Tonya Russell) #5

I don’t know anyone who is using FellowshipOneGo, but Magnolia Church in Riverside, CA, and Grace Baptist Church in Woodbridge, VA, are using ShelbyNext. They are also using our HVAC integration software, Events2HVAC, to automate their NetX Thermostats based on their room schedules in ShelbyNext. As mentioned by others, FellowshipOneGo, ShelbyNext, and SimpleChurch CRM are basically the same. Our ChMS interface for Events2HVAC is compatible with all of them.

(Mark Simmons) #6

Fellowship One Go is a brand new product aimed at smaller churches. F1 has the largest marketshare/installed base with large churches, but their products have been beyond reach for many churches in the small to medium size church market. Go is intended to be their solution for those size churches. Since it is new and targeted to specific size churches the only feedback you are likely to get is those evaluating or piloting that product and specifically churches under 1,000 in weekly attendance.

(jenn booth) #7

Thanks, Mark, and you’re right. I think it was originally targeted at smaller churches. Between the ShelbyNext, F1Go, Simple Church, and Ekklesia 360 products, I believe they do have a handful of churches with a couple thousand people in attendance. I have found this platform to be very user friendly and on-the-go oriented for not-so-tech savvy congregants and staff members. That’s what has drawn us to it. In addition, automated workflows and interactions tracking are big wins for organizing congregational care.