FellowshipOne Financials

(Steve Fitzgerald) #1

Among other options I’m looking at FellowshipOne. I like the ability to integrate with their accounting software. Are you using FellowshipOne Financials? If so, what has your experienxe been with it? What size of a church do you work at? Thanks in advance.

(Mark Simmons) #2

Steve, we are using FellowshipOne and love it. Made the switch 3 years ago. We decided to stay with QuickBooks Online instead of switching over to their accounting package. For us, we had invested quite a bit to set up a chart of accounts, reporting, etcetera on QuickBooks that is working really well for us. We’re a church with about 1,300 congregants, 800 members, and about 140 active ministries.

(Steve Fitzgerald) #3

Thanks for replying. What system did you switch from? How are you handling fund accounting QBO?

(Crystal Shelton) #4

Hi Steve,

We also use Fellowship One. We do not use Financials. We are also a Quickbooks user. We have been with Fellowship One since 2005, so quite a while, and have thought about switching but haven’t found what we want yet. We are a church of 4500 avg weekend attendance. Would be happy to answer any questions that we can for you.