FellowshipOne Financials

Among other options I’m looking at FellowshipOne. I like the ability to integrate with their accounting software. Are you using FellowshipOne Financials? If so, what has your experienxe been with it? What size of a church do you work at? Thanks in advance.

Steve, we are using FellowshipOne and love it. Made the switch 3 years ago. We decided to stay with QuickBooks Online instead of switching over to their accounting package. For us, we had invested quite a bit to set up a chart of accounts, reporting, etcetera on QuickBooks that is working really well for us. We’re a church with about 1,300 congregants, 800 members, and about 140 active ministries.

Thanks for replying. What system did you switch from? How are you handling fund accounting QBO?

Hi Steve,

We also use Fellowship One. We do not use Financials. We are also a Quickbooks user. We have been with Fellowship One since 2005, so quite a while, and have thought about switching but haven’t found what we want yet. We are a church of 4500 avg weekend attendance. Would be happy to answer any questions that we can for you.