Facilities Management

(Mark Rock) #1

Our Campus Ops Maintenance Team is looking for a software system to help schedule maintenance work, maintain plans, job requests, and have it web based and available on tablets they will be using. It will be separate from our Church Calendar and room scheduler, they are looking at a system that Fluke brands offers, just wondering what others are using and any feedback on other systems.

Mark Rock
Lincoln Berean Church

(Jason Powell) #2

Our team uses https://www.fiixsoftware.com/cloud-vs-saas-b2b/

(Will Polley) #3

I plan on checking out openmaint if our facilities folks ever want anything more than a email ticket system again.

(Steve Perky) #4


(Nick B Nicholaou) #5

I hear good things from clients about Tim Cool’s solution (https://www.coolsolutionsgroup.com/).

(Tim Owens) #6

I’m the IT Solutions Director for eSPACE powered by Cool Solutions Group and would be happy to chat with you about our offerings. Looks like some folks here are already mentioned us (thanks!)… In short, we are an all-in-one facility management platform including a free mobile app on the Work Order side… Let me know if you would like to chat! Thanks, Tim

What Software Are Using For Facility Management?
(Andy Baker) #7

Mark our facilities/maintenance team uses eSpace and they love it! We also migrated from ServiceU for event/space management using that module in eSpace as well.