Event Registration Software

We have our local church and also operate a parachurch organization. We’re using PCO for local church events, but because of the limitation on fee distribution we’re not using it for the parachurch. I’m looking for ideas of other software that can properly handle trips such retreats or tours, etc. I’d like the software to be able to handle deposits and for registrants to be reminder of paying their balance. Any suggestions?

RockRMS will handle deposits, payments-over-time, and balance reminders. It’s a full-blown ChMS (and competes with PCO in that regard) but you can’t beat the price for kicking the tires…

Hope that helps,

Hey Steve…I do not mean to sounds mercenary, but eSPACE is another option. Check out - https://www.smartchurchsolutions.com/espace/event-management

You can also reach out to lee@coolsolutionsgroup.com for a demo…or ask Jason Powell or Jason Lee as they both use our system.

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