Equallogic Life Expectancy

Hello. Looking for some advice. What is the recommended life expectancy for an Equallogic PS6100E? This unit is used as the main virtual target for our VMware hosts.

Thanks for the input.

You can get 5 years of support from Dell for 7200rpm units and 7 years for SAS 10k&15k units. That said, we still have 8+ year old EQL arrays running in the racks and they’re doing fine, just not under warranty of course :slight_smile:
Happy to give ya a quote for new ones or just chat strategy/options for the future.

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Thanks Jason. We got this one from you about 5 or 6 years ago. It is still running strong without any issues. It is now out of warranty which scares me a little since it is our virtual environment.

My records show 2012. I could see if Dell might do something special for ya and we/VR6 systems also have a 3rd party company we use that does warranty extensions for EqualLogic and other storage providers. I sent ya a PM.

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Hey Jason,
I would love to see what a warranty extension would run me. Either thru Dell or the 3rd party.