Embedding YouTube Live Stream...

We’re looking at using YouTube Live as our online streaming platform, but one thing that has us hesitating is we’re not sure how YouTube will react to us playing music that may trigger a copyright notice. This isn’t a problem to us, as we’re not trying to monetize our videos, but we’re worried that YouTube might might stop streaming to our embed. I know that you can’t embed a copyright noticed video, so the question is what happens with the live stream?

Has anyone dealt with this or know of an article that will assist with an answer?

A lot of churches that stream don’t stream the worship and the feed only begins with the sermon. Anyhow, CCLI answers the question here:


Gotcha. I guess I should’ve mentioned we purchased a CCS license. Which according to the website:

“…you’re free to stream more than 20 million songs from ASCAP, BMI and SESAC…”

Does anyone know if there’s a way to show YouTube we have streaming rights to these songs so that there wouldn’t be any copyright claims?

Also thank you for taking the time to respond!

We live-streamed our entire service, including music.
A few days after it is posted youtube auto discovers your music and will either add an advertisement to your video (money will go to owner of music) or less likely Block your video (stating copyright violation).
Once it is has recognized the music in your video you will have the opportunity to apply message to each “violation” with your CCLI number. This process takes a week or so depending on the copyright holder. Usually the copyright hold is released, but not always.

even though we’ve tried to be careful with our copyrights, we did get dinged when doing a movie series. One campus put the copyright slide up but somehow the audio leaked to the stream, youtube shut down our whole account during the live stream and locked it for 90 days, no negotiating :flushed:

Yeah, that’s the trade off with Free. Google giveth and Google taketh away.