Email Scam Video needed

I’d imagine many of us have all staff meetings that we do at our churches we work at. I wanted to know if by chance anyone has seen a good email scam explainer video that is less than 3 minutes that I could play for my staff. I’ve found stuff on youtube but none of it relates to churches so it would make it hard to relate to our jobs.

I’m looking for topics that cover CEO scams, iTunes gift cards scams, money transfer scams for missionaries etc.

Any thoughts?

I recall someone like MBS or something was making a video series on cyber security but I dont see it anymore on their site.

Check out KnowBe4, they might have something; They have quite a lot of free resources. Check this: Phishing | KnowBe4

These don’t quite fit what you are looking for exactly, but these are a few videos that we have used before:

(1) Kevin Roose from Real Future invited hackers to hack him and fell victim pretty easily. You would need to edit out some inappropriate words but parts of it were really well done and it was eye opening for our staff.

(2) A video made by Cisco about a hacker impersonating a CEO. It’s a made up scenario but very realistic.

(2) Simple Email Training Video for spotting email phishing which covers some basics.

It’s not free, but ninjio is a great (and comical) resource I highly recommend. There is a free video for money scams available and I think one on smishing on their homepage.

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